Cheers & Cheese

I’d like to talk about a little something called a cheese plate. Or in this case cheese plates.

This is in my opinion, the best way to spend a small chunk of money on a date night. So of course, this was how I chose to celebrate my marathon with my husband.

The bare essentials of a good wine and cheese course: wine, cheese and bread. But I suggest adding a few other additions to taste different flavors in your wine. Here’s my suggestion for the course. 

Start with wine. Pick one that you know you’ll enjoy, with a lot of flavor. I prefer dry wines, and would suggest staying away from sweet unless you’re planning on a dessert course.

Next, find a place that sells good quality cheese. There’s a place near Amish country that I like to go for cheese. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are great options, too. 

Pick a variety of cheeses that will pair well with your wine. This time around I bought a sage flavored cheese, smoked gouda and Irish cheddar. Yum!

Next, pick a few of the following:
-          Dark chocolate
-          Dried cherries or raisins
-          Flavored honey
-          Jam
-          Apple slices
-          Grapes
-          Fresh salad greens
-          Baguette slices
-          Crackers
-          Olives
-          Cured meats
-          Smoked salmon
-          The sky’s the limit, really

Next, arrange everything real pretty. Presentation is key. 

Get out some wine glasses. And some small plates. And have yourself a good time. 


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